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We are aggressive marketers for our authors. Unlike vanity press, our unique Author Advantage program does not involve an investment on your end or require you to handle the marketing and distribution. In our program, you get to focus on your key business while taking advantage of Marketplace Books’ relationships and expertise in the book industry. We are very selective in the manuscripts we publish; however, if you are selected, we will do everything we can to make your book a bestseller.

One way you’ll profit from this program is by maintaining direct communication with the buyers of your book to ensure that readers have access to your other products and services. We can work with your website to set up an online bookstore that you can use to offer your books online and not lift a finger to process orders, inventory books, or fulfill orders. Authors receive carbon copies of every order as well as commission, royalty, and forever sale through their online store.

Contact us today to learn more.

Big Bear Gets Baptized

By: Larry Strauss
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