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The Marketplace Difference

Marketplace Books has built its publishing and product creation efforts around the belief that the most effective and successful products are created by listening to the market.

Through unique relationships with our distributors--Traders’ Library and over 1,000 affiliate bookstores-- we have been able to learn what is critical to our target audience and identify what knowledge is needed for those professionals to succeed. Utilizing our publishing experience and expertise, we create a solution that will empower you to overcome challenges and accomplish your goal of growing your business.

Because our database and partnerships provide deep market penetration, we are able to free ourselves from the preconceptions of traditional publishing and realize the full potential of the products we create.

In addition, sales through Marketplace Books distribution partners are reported to the New York Times Bestseller list and help these products get the recognition they deserve.

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Big Bear Dancing on Sky Balls

By: Larry Strauss


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