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Letter from the Publisher

A common theme that we've continuously discussed over the past years has been the switch to a more technologically-savvy, digital age. We experienced great success with our entrance into the Kindle eBook market, frequently making the bestsellers list for stock and investment material and since then, we have only seen an upward trend of consumer behavior and data preferring digital content. In response to this information, we have continued our migration into the digital arena, focusing our operations this year on the production, publishing, and sale of online videos and eBooks.

With the creation of our My Account feature on the www.Traderslibrary.com, we have been able to quickly and efficiently give our customers access to online content with individual online libraries. In November, we held our largest promotion to date, Free Month of November, during which we offered 50 free eBooks and online videos to My Account members who logged in, driving traffic to the site, generating leads, and encouraging adoption of this newest feature. After conducting post-promotion customer satisfaction surveys, the results were all very positive and we hope to repeat the promotion in the near future. If you have digital content that you'd like to be included, we'd be glad to hear from you!

The keys to leveraging digital content are:

  • Fluidity - Content can rapidly be converted from text to online, video to text, traditional book to interactive. It is important that the content be offered in the format that best facilitates the end goal. For most of us, that is strengthening our relationships with our audience.
  • Data - Digital platforms allow you to learn even more about your audience. Prioritizing what data to capture and act on is the biggest challenge. Our trials and tests have helped us develop effective strategies that engage the audience and collect data through added value. If they click to see an enlarged version of a chart, that chart is important to them. If they log on to take a quiz, what answers did they struggle with? This information can help design new educational material and also provide offers and services that are relevant to traders.
  • Dialogue - People using your content can have an easy path to communicate with you. It used to be that if someone bought your book, you would be lucky to get them to see the page in the back that listed other products. Now product placement, email links, and other technology give your audience a direct path to your site or even to you.

As we continue into 2013 we will continue to expand our digital platform and carry our reputation for quality trading education into the future. Again, we thank you for your support and we wish you every success this year.

Thank you for visiting Marketplace Books, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Marketplace Books Publisher


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