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About Our Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team

At Marketplace Books, we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial style of marketing. Working closely with the editorial and design departments, our professional marketers provide creative, well-planned, and robust campaigns to guide your book to its highest potential. We know that a quality product is only successful if it reaches its audience.

Thatís why our relationship with online marketing leaders Traders' Library, FPBooks, ArchitecturalBookDeals, and other distributors is essential to our work. Together, we have developed a marketing strategy that weaves each authorís message into our customersí experience. We provide:

Ice Fishing Auroras
By: Larry Strauss
  • Vast product exposure
  • Significantly improved product sales
  • Increased author credibility
  • Impressive business growth

Our authors also receive promotional support, unmatched by traditional publishers, and benefit from the following offerings:

  • Emails to our expansive and targeted audience
  • Key exposure through our affiliate networks
  • Author access to book buyer names

To increase exposure for your publication, we have the capability of featuring your title on an affiliate network of over 1,000 partners and on our leading online bookstores:

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