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About Our Experts
Our Experts

In order to meet the strong demands of the trading and investment community, Marketplace Books publishes a broad spectrum of the top authors in the industry.

Through our exclusive relationship with online retailer Traders' Library, we are uniquely able to partner with key industry players in the investment world, including trading, financial planning, brokerage, insurance, and institutional investment firms.

We continue to actively acquire the brightest new minds in the industry today.

Our experts are our greatest asset; we invite you to learn more from them here.

If you are interested in contacting these experts for interviews, articles or opinions feel free to contact us at mpbpub@marketplacebooks.com

Jake Bernstein Jake Bernstein Larry McMillan Larry McMillan
Guy Cohen Guy Cohen Sheldon 
Natenberg Sheldon Natenberg
Gordon Todd Gordon Steve Nison Steve Nison
Greenblatt Jeff Greenblatt Steve 
Palmquist Steve Palmquist
Hansen Toni Hansen David 
Penn David Penn
Headley Price Headley Toni 
Turner Toni Turner
LeBeau Chuck LeBeau Sylvain 
Vervoort Sylvain Vervoort
Peter Lusk Peter Lusk Jea Yu Jea Yu
Michael Jardine Michael Jardine    


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