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Author Resources

Marketplace Books values its authors. We hope the following information is helpful to new and prospective authors.

Marketplace will review manuscripts in the following general categories:

  • Trading
  • Investing
  • Options
  • Commodities
  • Currencies/Forex
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Global Investing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance
  • Trading Psychology

Last Altar

By: Larry Strauss

Please note that Marketplace publishes titles that offer straight-forward, practical information. Our content is geared directly to the trader and investor to help those individuals profit in the markets. We normally do not publish books that are in the areas of spirituality or philosophy. This includes general business analysis, management, current events, and autobiographies unless they are directly relevant to our reading audiences.

Unsolicited Manuscript Format:
Completed manuscripts must be double spaced and supplied in Word file and hard copy format. Manuscripts must include a cover letter and brief description of the contents, along with potential marketing plans and research of similar titles. Marketplace Books is not obligated to respond to unsolicited manuscripts.

Accepted Manuscripts:
Established authors can send a standard Word file plus any related art files on DVD. Manuscripts should also be double spaced. Please supply a completed permissions form for each piece of new art or any copied content or quotes. Art should be marked for placement in the manuscript.

Book Proposals:
Proposals must include an outline and a cover letter to include a description of content, intended audience, and most especially, the unique selling value (USV) of the intended title. Why is your title needed for this audience and what distinguishes it from other titles on the market?

Also include a resume, a writing sample (which may be the first chapter of the book), and any relevant contact information.

New authors can send completed manuscripts directly to:

Marketplace Books
6310 Stevens Forest Rd.
Suite 200
Columbia, MD 21046
c/o Editorial Department


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