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About Our Program

Publishing Services

With over 400 titles in print, Marketplace Books is a leading publisher of financial, architectural, and health information. Our publishing program provides full editorial support: we develop, publish, market, and distribute original, practical, and high-value content to an extensive network of industry professionals and consumers.

We have the resources to handle any size project, and the relationships to market your book to its highest potential. Our team coordinates and manages the editorial, production, and marketing/distribution processes. With our marketing channels and editorial expertise, we help individuals and organizations leverage their resources for optimum benefit.

Plains Booth

By: Larry Strauss

Each editorial decision is based on extensive market research. In developing our program, our editorial staff works closely with industry professionals to determine what is needed to better meet our authorsí goals. We then help develop the content and format of the topics.

Our team continually refines the elements of our overall publishing program, from the range of new titles to the structure and focus of our marketing strategy.

We also take pride in our Author Advantage programóa turnkey approach that enables our authors to reach their target audience while capturing valuable information about that specific market. We take publishing furtheródetermining how we can best provide our authors and partners with the highest return on investment.

Video Production

If you have a book idea or presentation you think would sell well as a video product, we can provide expert development, production, and distribution of your product. Our team of industry professionals can help produce high-quality CDs, DVDs, and educational courses. Our marketing expertise will provide you the maximum exposure you seek for you and your firm.

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