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How Many Ways Can a Book Work for You?

Success Stories

One challenge in tapping special sales markets is finding a product that can compete against hats, bags, and other gimmicks for the give-away or premium market. In the search to find a solution, Marketplace Books developed a product line designed to have solid content, high perceived value, and a lower cost structure for bulk orders. By taking existing content and repackaging it into the Trade Secrets Series, we accomplished our goal and realized significant benefits for our authors and clients.

Exposure leads to sales

A software company we were working with on a variety of projects shared with us a copy of the support material they provided to all of their customers. Research had shown that although customers could use the product, an option trading program, effectively, they would soon get frustrated trying to learn how to trade options and give up.

To alleviate this, the software company created a small manual outlining some key issues to be aware of when trading and included it with every software package. Marketplace Books realized that the booklet was well-written and was valuable to all options traders, whether they had the software or not. Under our guidance, the booklet was repackaged into the Trade Secret format and was published as The Four Biggest Mistakes in Options. In the back of the book was an advertisement for the software package. Then, used as a premium through Tradersí Library, the book was given away to tens of thousands of traders.

Not only was this a success for the software company who received huge exposure for their product, but also our marketing efforts propelled the book to remain in the top 25 options books on Amazon.com week after week.

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